M1 Carbines in Action
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  <>The Korean War


Marine BAR man fires on retreating North Korean soldiers.
Near the Naktong River  3 Sep 1950

Soldiers of the 5th RCT trade shots with North Korean soldiers.
Near the Naktong River.  18 Sep 1950

A Marine readies his carbine to pick off an enemy sniper during
street fighting in Seoul.  20 Sep 1950

Mail Call! Marines gratefully accept mail and
Christmas packages. Koto-ri  15 Nov 1950

Marines do a little target training somewhere in Korea.
New Year's Day 1951

Marines guard two CCF prisoners near Hoengsong.  2 Mar 1951

A soldier with the 32nd RCT rests on a CCF bunker along the slope of Hill
902 near Ip-Tong. Note the Russian DPM light machine gun. 25 Apr 1951

A battle hardened Marine poses with his
M2 Carbine.   Korea   Jul 1952