M1 Carbines in Action
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World War II

European Theatre

Sgt Dorman USA poses next to an Italian WWI memorial.
Brolo, Sicily, Italy 14 Aug 1943

An engineer with the 2nd Infantry Division posts a sign advising the advancing
 troops that the road have been cleared of mines.   Normandy, France  30 Jul 1944

Soldiers take a short break in an abandoned beer cellar before pushing on.
Note the squad leader's carbine.   Tessy sur Vire, France   3 Aug 1944

 A US Army anti-tank team takes cover after receiving German machine
 gun fire. Holland 4 Nov 1944

A squad leader with the 442nd RCT keeps watch on a German position
in the valley 200 yards away. Bruyeres Sector, France 13 Nov 1944

US soldiers on the alert near Amonines, Belgium. 4 Jan 1945

    Mess Call! Soldiers receive their chow near La Roche, Belgium.
9 Apr 1945

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