M1 Carbines in Action
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World War II

Asiatic-Pacific Theatre

Marines descend cargo nets while boarding Higgins Boats for the
amphibious assault on "Bloody Tarawa."    Tarawa 23 Sep 1943

A vigilant machine gun crew waits for the next assault by fanatical Jap soldiers.
Cape Gloucester, New Britain  Jan 1944


General Merrill of Merrill's Marauders fame conferring with junior officers.
Burma, late March-early April 1944

USMC Navajo Indian radio operators pose with their carbines.
Saipan   Jun 1944

A tired, dirty, but victorious Marine on Guam.
Jul 1944

A Marine catches a quick nap while his war dog, Butch, stands watch.
Iwo Jima   Feb 1945

A wounded Marine being evacuated from front lines for medical treatment.
Iwo Jima   Mar 1945

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